Moody Air Force Base Fun Fair

The sun was shining and the grill was cooking some of south Georgia’s best burgers and hot dogs, all for the folks at Moody Air Force Base for Friday’s Second Annual Fun Fair.

Chamber officials say Friday was a chance for local businesses to personally thank the men and women stationed at Moody.

"Well, it’s great for our Chamber members it gives them a chance to actually come on base and present their businesses to the people here at Moody. A lot of them who would now have the time to go into town can see all those things here at one time in an hour's time,” says Jud Rackley, Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

Airmen joined their friends and family for a relaxing afternoon of good food and fun.

"It gives a real sense of community togetherness with the military. It just shows how much the community appreciates us being here and the relationship we have with the community,” explains SSGT Johnny Fontenot, of the Recruiting Squadron.

Chamber officials say the fun fair was the exclamation point to end their "Salute the Military" week.

"We just couldn't be more pleased with the way this has turned out so I think it been a great week for the Chamber and the folks here at Moody,” Rackley adds.

Airmen say the fair is the perfect opportunity to interact with community businesses in a casual and fun environment.

Chamber officials say this year's event was so successful that they are already looking for a larger space to hold next year's fun fair. They are hoping to have 100 vendors participate in next year's event.