Cell Phones In the Classroom

Come this school year, Leon County students can pack pencils, papers, pagers and phones in their backpacks.

Under the student code of conduct they have always been allowed to carry them but use was restricted. Now the school board has revamped this policy to include pagers.

Seventh grader, Bryan O’Connor says having a cell phone at school is a matter of convenience. "In case of an emergency can call my Mom or Dad to come get me."

The Leon County School Board recently approved a new policy allowing kids to have this accessory on campus, along with pagers. But, dialing out during class is still unacceptable.

"Excellent way to stay in touch with parents. Safe and security is a top priority, but not disrupting students in class."

This technology is still uncharted territory for school leaders, opening the door for kids to abuse and misuse the wireless world.

"I'm sure as kids become more creative with phone system."

If a students is caught using a phone during class time or inappropriately, the policy calls for the phone to be confiscated.

Phones started to show up in Leon County schools about three years ago. The legislature says schools couldn't discipline students for having them, but could have a policy for using them.

Students can use their phones before and after school and during lunch.