Sales Tax Holiday

Florida folks have been enjoying the tax free savings for several days now, but starting Thursday, it's Georgia’s turn.

The shelves are stocked and the cashiers are ready for what business owners call the second biggest sales weekend of the year. Local businesses are ready for the crowds that have been eagerly waiting to save some cash.

"Sales have been a little softer the first of this week and out of the weekend, probably anticipating that they will spend a little more money here in these tax free days."

Business owners say the holiday is a critical part of the back-to-school frenzy. "We want to keep our customers here. We want to keep our revenues here and we need to be competitive to do that."

As an added incentive stores are also having additional sales this weekend. "That savings plus the sales tax holiday savings makes a really big difference."

But should folks expect this tax holiday every year? "No as a matter of fact it won't happen every year automatically. People have to let their legislators know if they like the holiday and if it means something to them."

The sale of clothing, shoes, wallets, computer products and general school supplies are exempt from the sales tax savings. The holiday ends August 1.