Looney Looking for a New Trial

An abusive childhood and an unstable home life are some of the factors convicted killer Jason Looney is using to try and get a new trial. Looney is on death row for committing a heinous murder with two accomplices seven years ago.

Looney sat solemnly and straight faced as psychologists rehashed his medical records and mental health. While the victim's family sat and sobbed as they listened to the disturbing acts which led to the death of their loved one's.

It's been a long torturous road for the King and Spears families. Seven years ago their children Melanie King and Keith Spears where bound and shot to death then set on fire. Now, a day after the seventh anniversary, one of the convicted killers is challenging his trial lawyer, saying not enough evidence was revealed on his behalf.

Psychologists say Looney had a high IQ and a horrible upbringing, just a few of the factors the defense claims we're overlooked during trial.

But the prosecution contends Looney is a psychopath, and that information would have jeopardized the case.

The state even compared Looney’s characteristics to that of serial killer Ted Bundy, a claim that one victim's father says isn't far fetched.

Nothing was decided upon at Wednesday’s hearing. The state attorney says the appellate process could take months, even years, making for a long grueling wait until Looney’s execution is carried out.

Guerry Hertz was in court Tuesday on a similar appeal hearing. He's serving a death sentence. And Jimmy Dempsey who testified against Looney and Hertz is serving two life sentences.