Polish Airmen Train at Moody

Pilots from around the nation have trained at Moody Air Force Base for years, but Americans aren't the only ones coming to South Georgia for the advanced training.

The airmen are hoping to learn the latest training techniques, so they can go home and help revolutionize the ability of the Polish Air Force.

Polish airmen are suiting up for another day of training from instructors at Moody Air Force Base, inside the US Air Force's modern T-38s.

The us government paid to bring these Polish airmen to Moody, so they could be prepared to fly 48 brand new, F-16s the polish has purchased from the United States.

Officials with Poland’s defense ministry, who've come along to observe, says this kind of training is important in preparing polish airmen to fly the F-16s.

US airmen are also benefiting from the experience of the Polish airmen.

Both American and Polish pilots say this training mission will be a great benefit in the future, as Poland and the US are allies and could fight in the skies along side each other someday.