Dispute Over Pavo Mud Bogging Event Draws A Crowd

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Racing in the mud in large trucks, also known as "bogging", may be considered a non-traditional extreme sport, but for many Pavo residents, it's a pastime that may have to come to an end. But not before they put up a fight.

At last night's commission meeting, residents pleaded with commissioners to change the ordinance that prevents them from mud bogging legally.

A large race event is planned for next month but because of the ordinance the event has to be canceled.

Some elderly residents said the noise is too loud during bogs and they also complained about the trash it leaves behind. Commissioners say their biggest concern is the mud racing destroying agricultural land.

John Reichart Director of Planning and Zoning for Thomas County says, "Mud bogging is allowed in the agricultural areas and there are no provisions in the ordinance that would allow for that type of commercial use".

Mud racer Al Weeks says, "It gives kids somewhere to play and there's nothing for the country kids to do around here, and we enjoy ridding. We enjoy playing in the mud and we should be able to do that".

By the end of the meeting, commissioners held to their decision to not allow the event to take place.

Several families say they were disappointed with the commissioner's decision but say they are not giving up yet.

Organizers say the mud bogging event would bring thousands of visitors to Pavo and would help stimulate the local economy.

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