Firefighter Fitness

When calls flood in these guys come to the rescue. Being a firefighter takes courage, endurance and most importantly strength, which is why the Tallahassee Fire Department requires its firefighters to stay in tip-top shape.

Travis Oaks, a Tallahassee firefighter, says, “Our contract allows for certain time to be able to exercise, workout and play volleyball.”

Bump, set, spike it, that's the way they like it. Rather than the mundane weight lifts, you're likely to see these firefighters testing their AYP skills

“Matter of fact you may drive by and see us doing this, this is our chance to exercise, bond as a team,” added Oaks.

It's an opportunity not afforded by many employers, but it's been so popular they're taking it to a higher level as the fire department has certified 10 physical fitness trainers.

Judy Davison of the Tallahassee Fire Department says, “What we're doing is trying to improve the quality of fitness and to enhance our lifestyle.”

It may look like fun and games, but ultimately volleyball keeps these guys in shape especially since more time is spent chasing balls down than blocking hits.

Team games keep firefighters on their toes, it builds relationships and it allows them to de-stress during a 24-hour shift, so when the next emergency calls, this team will be ready to serve you.

Tallahassee firefighters have an hour and a half allotted for physical training every shift. Shifts are 24 hours long, but fitness trainers say it's their responsibility to keep up the workouts on their days off.