Kinderlou Forest Golf Club

Kinderlou Forest Golf Club has been drawing rave reviews since opening in Lowndes County back in April. While golfers enjoy the new challenges, many are surprised to learn about the rich history of the Kinderlou Community, which was founded in the 1800s.

Andres Villegas, Kinderlou Marketing Director, said, "It was at that time in the late 1800s that Kinderlou was larger than Valdosta. It was the most important urban area because of that we want to preserve the history of the land which now comprises Kinderlou Forest Golf Club."

The course was designed to incorporate the area's rich history. It's also proving to be quiet a challenge, even for experienced golfers like WCTV's own Mike McCall and Rob Nucatola.

Jim Bishop, the head golf pro, said, "Kinderlou Forest is a bit different from most other golf courses because of the length. The length here at Kinderlou is a lot different than other courses around the nation. It’s one of the longest and its created a lot of interest.”

Interest which will bring in a lot of golfers who will end up getting a bit of a history lesson as they travel around the course and see pieces of south Georgia history around every turn.

While the course tries to preserve south Georgia history, it’s also going to make some of its own in September when it hosts the area's first professional tournament.