Leon County Makes Progress With EMS

Leon County promised faster service when they took over EMS operations.

The county took over Leon County's EMS system Dec. 31, 2003.

Vince Long, Leon County assistant administrator, said, "its doing great. The second quarter report went to the board. We're very excited. We continue to improve with response times. We continue to have better trained personnel, which was a priority."

Scott Hill, Deputy Chief, Leon County EMS, said, “what you see is a faster out of shoot time which is the time it takes to get an ambulance on the road since dispatched and en route. That's around 43 seconds." EMS says that's a 15 second improvement from the last system. In conjunction with getting the EMS system off the ground, Leon County plans to save even more lives by educating the public.

The county says there are plans to get potentially life-saving information into the community through schools and businesses.

In another life-saving effort, the city of Tallahassee has equipped five fire stations with advanced life support.