Tallahassee Couple Struggles With Sinking House

Sinkholes are slowly forming both under and around a home and it is raising concerns about what to do next.

The owners of the home began noticing a number of sinkholes forming in their front and backyard about a year ago and some of them are knee deep.

When they bought there home four years ago, they had no idea this could happen. There home seems to be slowing sinking and so far they haven't gotten a straight answer from the county about what they can do.

Andrew Beery, said, “we've got like a crater here, and we've got a hole in the bottom of the crater, and we have these sticks all over the yard, so people won't step in them."

The problems don't stop in the yard, the interior of the home is also being affected.

The sinking has caused walls to crack and moldings to separate.

Pam Keel, said, “my cabinets will not shut. They will not stay shut. And this one is also starting."

This home is located in the Lake Jackson area and it was built in the 1970's

Beery says it worth between $110,000 and $120,000.

When they purchased the home 4 years ago they didn't factor in a sinkhole four years later.

Andrew said, “we need to know what we can do about this house. Wonderful that the insurance will take care of it. But now we own a house that's unusable. And we can't sell it or anything. And we're stuck with a house that's filling in; that we have to pay taxes on. We have no place to go with it."

The couple's homeowner's insurance will pay for any damages to the house, but the couple will not be able to sell their home or rent it out.

So far, they have considered the option of having the home moved to another location.

Several Leon County commissioners were not available for comment on the situation and as it stands there is no buyout program for sinkhole properties in Leon County.

An official with the department of public works says any one experiencing a similar problem should contact the Florida Department of Financial Services at 1-800-342-2762, and speak with a sinkhole specialist.