Christmas in July

Caroling, ornaments, and jolly ole' Saint Nick himself only means one thing - Christmas time. But in the middle of summer?

"We just decided that the Christmas spirit needed to be alive all year round. A personal love of mine is to let different generations learn more from each other. "

These kids learned the true meaning of the season delivering gifts to these seniors, and to their surprise Santa came bearing blessings for the upcoming school year.

"It really makes me feel good. It was really shocking."

"I didn't expect to get a book bag. I didn't expect to get the stuff in my book bag."

"Organizers say they weren't sure how the kids would react to getting school supplies for Christmas, but these kids say this time of year pencils, paper, and a new book bag is better than any toy."

"I feel really good that way I got most of the stuff I need. I can go to school feeling happy that I got my school supplies when I really need it the most."

The joy and generosity of the Christmas season was brought to life in July.

"It came really early; it was like a school Christmas."

And the gratitude could not only be seen on the children's faces, but also felt in their hearts.

About fifty kids got free school supplies today, all donated by the Thomasville Resource Center. The kids and the senior citizens also shared their most fond Christmas memories Thursday.