Tazer Demonstration

It’s just a matter of time before all Leon County sheriff deputies are armed with M-26 tasers. As part of the preparations, all deputies are receiving "shock" training, with a taser gun.

In the interest of not being a "back seat" leader, Sheriff Campbell is leading from the front and by example.

"I'm not looking forward to how its going to feel. I have a good idea its going to be a shocking experience!"

Sheriff Campbell did indeed have a "shocking" day at work. He took a five second hit from an m-26 taser gun, one that shoots out two prongs that go into the skin and completely incapacitates his body.

"Like a lightning bolt up your spine, you sure want to do what the nice man is asking you to do."

Sheriff Campbell says he's doing this for two reasons. First he wants to be a true leader to his men and women. Also, "I want to issue every deputy a taser, because it’s a non lethal weapon. However, there's been some bad publicity from down south."

"I think to ease the fears this is a lethal weapon. It's not. It's a means to deal with violent people."

The taser gun jolt will last for a maximum of five seconds. It has 50,000 volts, 26 watts, and point 004 amps.

There has been some criticism of taser guns being used by law enforcement. Recently a man died in south Florida shortly after being hit with one. But the autopsy revealed high levels of illegal drugs in his system, and it was ruled the taser gun was not a factor in his death.

That's the point Sheriff Campbell wants the public to understand, he says this is a non-lethal weapon, that's effective.