Schools Rush With Renovations in Preparation for First Day

The first day of school is Monday and they're working overtime to make sure the work is done by the time the bell rings.

$3 million are going towards plenty of new additions to McIntyre Park Middle School and Harper Elementary in Thomasville.

However, school officials say a shorter summer vacation is upping the ante.

Brian Jetter, director of operations, Thomasville schools, said, "it's getting harder and harder to do work in the summer because you used to have from around the beginning of June until the end of August, and now teachers come back around the 29th of July, so you're losing a whole month to do work."

School officials say most of these projects began at the end of last year, and although their deadline is Monday, the first day of school, they say they expect to have most of the major work complete.

Gene Christie, principal, McIntyre Park Middle School, said, “it's been a little inconvenience, but we know the benefit far outweighs the inconvenience. This is the first time in 50 years our bathrooms have been renovated from top to bottom!”

School officials say everyone involved is putting in all the extra time they have to make sure these schools are ready in time.

The Thomasville city schools director of operations tells us similar projects are on the agenda for other elementary schools and the middle school in the district.