Gadsden County Man Charged with Manslaughter After Weekend Altercation

When all was said and done, one man was dead and another was under arrest on manslaughter charges. FDLE has been assisting Havana police in this investigation.

FDLE agents tell us that Henry Parker never meant to kill his acquaintance, Henry Smith. They say he may have acted in self defense.

Blood stains on an old tree stump are a vivid reminder of a crime that occurred in the 300 block of 10th Avenue East in Havana.

FDLE officials say around 10 p.m. Saturday night five people were sitting underneath a carport when 36-year-old Henry Smith, Jr. and 54-year-old Henry Parker began arguing over a woman. That argument quickly turned violent.

Special Agent Tom McGraw with FDLE says, "There was some accusations being made and during that time Mr. Smith confronted Mr. Parker and a very physical altercation occurred at which point Mr. Parker struck Mr. Smith with a beer bottle. As a result of the strike Mr. Smith died later at the hospital."

News of Smith's death was a shock to neighbors in this quiet area, but what authorities have been able to figure out is that Parker actually never meant to kill Smith.

McGraw adds, "From the investigation, when the physical altercation occurred it didn't appear it was meant to be any type of thing other than a strike and pushing him away from him."

McGraw also says Parker tried several times to walk away from Smith before striking him in the face with the bottle, which exploded in Smith's face upon impact, cutting his neck.

Parker made a first appearance in court Monday morning. He is charged with manslaughter and was released from custody on his own recognizance.