Summer Heat Proves Unhealthy for Theme Park Visitors

Dozens of visitors at Wild Adventures super park suffered from heat related health problems on Saturday. Many of those afflicted guests complained that they couldn't get to a cold drink in time.

Jimmy Holmes, Wild Adventures spokesman, says, "We appreciated capacity of 28,000 people on a peak heat day. As soon as we saw the problem happening, we set up additional cooling stations within the park. We brought in added paramedics and EMTs and other first responders."

Most of the heat victims were treated at the park, but nearly a dozen had to be taken to South Georgia Medical Center. They were all treated and released.

Some park goers admit the heat is a problem, but say each person can take steps to stay cool, even when there are peak crowds.

Jennifer Johnson, visiting from Alabama, says, "We've been riding the fast rides that make the air circulate and we're drinking plenty of water and we're going to go get some ice cream, and then go inside somewhere where the AC is."

Holmes adds, "We are taking precautionary measures to guarantee this will never happen again. We also want to apologize to all the guests who came out here and experienced any delays or un-comforts of the afternoon."

Guest are also being asked to eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water before visiting the park to help prepare the body for the heat. Park managers also suggest taking advantage of the second free day of admission, so you can attend only during the coolest part of the day.