Overcoming the Odds

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This story is for those of us who tend to get down on life, feel sorry for ourselves or worse, lose hope.

We meet a man who is truly an inspiration and an example of how while life isn't fair. It still has a purpose. In 1991, an automobile accident took something very valuable to construction worker David Lowe, but three weeks in the hospital and David was back in business.

Accidents weren't done with David. The Vietnam era veteran lost his index finger and 25 percent use of his hand. The disabilities combined limited his work and led to some rough times.

Unbelievably, an infection led to his left leg being amputated. Still, the 49-year-old found courage got a prosthesis and started school at TCC's vocational rehab program, but then came the final blow.

“Here comes the infection coming back on my right foot.”

David said he wanted to die, but today this emotion isn't about his hardships. They're for his passion to help others.

David volunteers helping disabled children and veterans, knowing this is his purpose.

David hopes to get his degree in drafting and design next year. Along with working for a design firm every day, he also takes care of his 78-year-old mother.