"They're Coming Home"

Dozens of troops will be returning home to Thomasville on Friday after serving 15 months on the battle field in Iraq. Officials in the rose city are putting the finishing touches on a huge homecoming celebration.

City officials spent the morning hanging yellow ribbons around downtown Thomasville, setting the stage for when more than 100 troops are rolling into town, greeted with a homecoming celebration.

"We've been planning for about a month; the difficult thing was we could not get a definite time and date, so it's hard to plan a nebulous event."

With the details confirmed, the slogan "They're Coming Home" came to fruition, and businesses around the city began showing their support with signs, flags, and ribbons.

"We just want them to know how much we appreciate everything they did overseas and everything they're continuing to do."

"The troops will return home to a warm welcoming with a parade beginning at the corner of Smith and Broad Street, and ending here at the Thomas County Courthouse with a welcome home ceremony."

Celaya is expecting a huge turnout of folks from Thomas and surrounding counties, all showing their true colors for the sacrifices made by our men and women.

"I think it will mean a tremendous amount to them. I'll bet there won't be a dry eye in the crowd. It's really going to say to them that all those hours and days and time away from family was really worth something and this is our was of saying thank you."

The parade begins at 2:30 in the afternoon downtown. The troops are from the Thomasville 1148th and the Bainbridge 1230th transportation unit of the army national guard.

Everyone is encouraged to come out to the celebration.