Shabby Streets in Quincy

Normally you'll find some kids digging ditches and causing a mess of things. Marise Estime introduces us to several kids in a Gadsden County neighborhood who are digging their way into the hearts of residents by simply making a difference in their community.

It looks like child's play, but for several Gadsden County children its hard work. For several days now, kids have been busy filling in the pot holes on Dorsey Smith Lane, an idea that was constructed after Tarik McBride saw a neighbor try to make a difference.

"It was a man who came and fill the pot holes with leaves and then we got the inspiration to fill all the holes and that's when we got the decision to fill the holes up."

That decision has prompted other kids to follow suit.

“One day my grandmother saw him out here and she saw him with a shovel and help me and that's why I started helping."

With just a bucket, several shovels, a little hard work, and dedication, these kids have made a world of difference on this street. It’s an act of kindness that's going a long way.

"It was just so precious that it brings tears to your eyes to see the kids doing something it looks like not too many of us grown folks doing it and it was the little kids and it was just nice.

Folks say these little kids, with great big hearts have made it easier for them drive their cars on this dirt road.

Dorsey Smith Lane is a private road that quickly turns into a muddy mess in rainy days.