Howell Park Complaints

One man says a park in the Frenchtown area of Tallahassee is being used as a bathroom. He says it's time for the city to take action.

"The elderly are coming from Bethel, and seeing people exposing themselves when the come out of church. They see people using the bathroom and exposing themselves."

Reverend Rosier says homeless people are using Carter Howell Strong Park as a toilet. He says there's a simple solution.

"We need a bathroom and tops over the tables."

The reverend says he's talked to the city about the getting those amenities for the park, but the city isn't helping him. The city says it has its reasons.

"The neighborhood association and the leaders we're speaking with do not want it. We're taking their lead in this, because they're the people that count in this."

And walking around the area that surrounds the park, we found quite a few people who don't want the bathrooms or table covers.

With an overwhelming amount of residents against the reverend's idea, the city says the majority rules, and there will be no bathrooms.

Members of the Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association says they too are against the bathrooms and table covers.