Home, Sweet Home

This time, a family in Thomasville is now counting their blessings. A new home coming just in time. Recently the Giddens family was forced to move from their home into a friend's home because their home was in such bad condition.

And after years of prayers for their own home, their dreams have now come true. Melvin and Fannie Giddens have dealt with their share of hardship. They lived in what they called an unlivable home off Fletcher Street for years. Among other things, the home was not insulated.

The Giddens’ recently moved into a friend’s home temporarily because their living situation got so bad, but through it all Fannie says knew her faith would get her through

Fannie's prayers were answered Friday when the family began moving into their brand new four bedroom, two bath Habitat home on Magnolia Street.

This home is the sixteenth habitat home built by the Thomasville/Thomas County branch. The local branch has plans to build another home soon. They will start building another home right next door to the Giddens’ Saturday morning. The organization set the goal of building 10 homes each year.