New Park Opens in Quincy

A dedication ceremony was held for a new park in Gadsden County. It took more than $100,000 in state grant funds to turn what used to be dirt field into the new Shilo Park, and after seeing the results parents in the Shilo community couldn't be happier.

Carol Price, a parent, says, "I really like the improvement. It was rocks and glass, lots of stuff. They really did a good job with this park. It looks real nice."

Some parents hope it stays that way.

Felecia Lockwood says, "I live right by the park and sometimes I look outside my door and see how, sometimes, they destroy the stuff. If they just keep the stuff the way it is. It will be alright."

State and local leaders helped in dedicating the park one of 13 similar parks in the greater Quincy area, but this park holds special meaning to Sarah Bryant whose late husband worked hard to get it completed before he passed away.

Sarah says, "When he got started on this park it wasn't anything like this."

Gadsden County officials believe Shilo Park is a successful community effort.

Nancy Gee, Grants Administrator in Gadsden County, says, "They organized, they put themselves on the line. They called their leaders and said this was what they wanted and what they needed. They did the right thing. They knew how to put a plan together. Those folks brought it to the people who were going to be responsible for it.

The director of Gadsden County's Parks and Recreation Department says new parks for the Robertsville and St. John communities are also in the works.

The new Shilo Park was funded by a grant from the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program.