Georgia Retailers Prepare for Florida's Gas Tax Break

Starting august 1, Floridians will see a month long tax break at the gas pump, but will Florida’s gas tax relief be enough to compete with Georgia gas prices?

For many folks watching the display on the gas pump is a painful way to spend part of the day, but some say making the short trip to Georgia provides somewhat of a silver lining.

Even in spite of the eight cents tax break on gas in Florida, many Florida folks say gas prices in Georgia will still be more attractive and affordable.

"I think there's still gonna be a price spread and if there's enough incentive for a full fill up which a lot of tanks on RV's and trucks are pretty big. It'll still be a good thing to do for Floridians who are close to the boarder."

Local gas station managers say the tax break won't be enough savings to stop serious travelers from crossing the boarder to fill up.

"For the ones that don't travel all the time that might get their attention. For the ones that do travel all the time, nah I don't believe they'll pay a bit of attention to that."

And some folks are so aggravated with Florida gas prices that the eight cents tax break isn't enough to make any kind of difference to them.

"They fluctuate with the prices so bad. You know, it’s up and down and with the war and everything, it's pretty bad."

Gas station managers say they still expect about a 10 to 12 cents savings in Georgia even after Florida knocks off their eight cents per gallon.

Local gas station managers say the price of oil is much higher now than it was this time last year and they don't expect gas prices in Georgia to decrease anymore right now.