Thomasville Troop Returns Home from Iraq

The reason is to honor more than 100 soldiers from two area transportation companies who have finally come home from Iraq!

It's been more than a year of the unknown for SPC Clara Howard's family. They say hugging her and hearing her voice feels unreal.

Annie Harris, Clara Howar's aunt, says, "I'm so happy to have her home! We've just been praying and I'm so happy for her mother because she's been in an uproar ever since!"

Nellie Mae Wright says, "I cried sometimes. I prayed, but I know that God was going to take me through and I know he was going to bring them back one day."

Clara is one of more than 120 soldiers returning home Friday after more than 18 months in the Middle East.

Family members say the wait for their loved ones has been too long. The long separation calls for some serious celebration.

South Georgians did it up right for the 1148th and 1230th Transportation Companies with parades in Thomasville and Bainbridge, and a ceremony to honor the soldiers' achievements.

The soldiers' loved ones say they're looking forward to spending quality time together and making up for the months they've been apart.

CPT Alice Hampton of the 1148th tells us the two companies spent most of their deployment hauling equipment from Kuwait to south Iraq, then to northern points of Iraq. She says altogether they traveled more than one million miles.