Florida's Gas Tax Holiday

Sunday the gas tax holiday begins. Thanks to a tax break this past week, shoppers put clothes on their back and now it's time to top off the tank.

Sunshine State shoppers are cashing in on the last days of Florida's tax-free holiday, stocking up on clothes and school supplies.

Robin, a Tallahassee resident, says, "Shopping for two days, yesterday we saved about $100 with no tax and buy one, get one free."

Unfortunately, the tax break is coming to a close and prices will be back to normal. There is good news for drivers though; the cost of gas is going down, but it has nothing to do with OPEC.

Florida's gas tax cut goes into effect Sunday and runs for the entire month of August.

Keith Washington, traveling from Louisiana, says, "Wish we were traveling again in the month of August, unfortunately we're heading back to Louisiana."

The break is designed to help boost tourism in a time of skyrocketing fuel prices. Texan Allen Kientz hit the Sunshine State line just in time.

The cost of filling up in Florida will be eight cents cheaper a gallon, so you can make a dent in your tank and not your wallet. The tax break does last through August. It is designed to help small businesses and tourism in Florida, but anyone can take advantage.

Florida's tax-free shopping wraps up Sunday at midnight, as well as in Georgia, so you have a little time left to catch a bargain. All of Florida's more than 11,000 stations are required to participate in the tax break (those who don't face prosecution from the attorney general's office).