Immunization Month

It's a scary list of diseases, but Monday brave four-year-old Wade is facing his fears and getting immunized.

Wade is one of hundreds of local school children getting up to date, but nurses say parents need to consider more than just the two key grade levels of kindergartners and seventh graders.

“We encourage parents to not just think about school aged children, think about the younger children. If you're not 100 percent sure if they're immunized, come see us.”

In August, several free clinics such as one this Wednesday and another this Saturday are being offered.

If you're a procrastinator, nurses say to bring your patience. Last year at the final clinic more than 100 people were lined up outside the doors before they opened.

Health officials say back in 1989, 150 people died due to an outbreak of the measles, demonstrating the importance of immunizations.

“When vaccination levels drop off the disease occurrence goes up, so in terms of protecting everyone, we urge you to get immunized.”

Health officials are asking parents to bring their child's immunization records with them to the clinic. For information, call the Leon County Health Department at (850) 487-3186.