Georgia Vote Staying Afloat?

Empty booths for advance voting in Thomas County's runoff election illustrates a problem on a much broader scale: low voter turnout statewide.

Lisa Greene says, "Today the first day we've had five voters and that's a very low turnout."

Though Greene says that's usually expected for a runoff election, Georgia has ranked about 49th in every presidential election since 1960.

In 2000 Thomas County had a 62 percent turnout for the presidential elections, but the superintendent of elections says that's still not good enough.

Vicky Burnette says, "People do not understand that is a right and privilege to vote and people that they elect make big decisions and they need to be more involved in these decisions."

This year advance voting went into affect in Georgia and locally election officials split precincts to create more voter turnout, but they say they still haven't gotten much of a response.

"We need to focus more on voter education to try to bring more voters out," adds Lisa.

State election officials have chalked the lack of participation up as simply voter apathy. Nonetheless, they're still working to spark more interest for November's election.