9 Year Old Boy Bullied by Teens At Local Boys & Girls Club

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Chattahoochee, FL - January 18, 2013 - A mother files a police report after her 9 year old son is bullied by 3 teenage boys. What was supposed to be another fun day at the Boys & Girls Club in Chattahoochee, turned into a violent one when 3 teenagers bullied a 9 year old boy during a game they call "stupid slap". According to President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend, Theresa Flury, "kids would say it was a game but obviously it was not an appropriate game if that's what it was, there was some slapping of the younger child by the older kids." Flury has been with the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Bend for over 2 years and they have not had any incidents like this before. She says "we get kids that will get into an argument and then we try to make sure that they understand how to settle that appropriately but I've never had any incident where they were slapping each other or taping anything like that."

Revonda Brigham, the mother who reported the incident and filed a police report, says she would like the boys to be punished for what they did. She says "they really didn't have to hit him at all about him being the age he is and about them being the age they are. They are really too big to be playing with him anyway, they need to have them separated and the Boys & Girls Club, they need more staff which they don't have." Brigham allowed us to speak to her son, Zan'tayvious, and encouraged him to tell us in his own words what happened that day. He says "I just got finished playing pool and I sat down and then I almost said something stupid and they said something about a stupid slap and then one started hitting me and then all of them started hitting me."

Flury says the three teenagers are currently suspended from the club and there will be consequences for what happened. She admits "we'll take it as a learning experience and again, I'm so thankful that the little boy is okay."

We called the Chattahoochee Police Department and they declined to comment on any open investigation. Zan’Tayvious has since been back to the Boys & Girls Club and has not had any problems.

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