90-Year-Old Clerk Assaulted by Juveniles in Area Robbery

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Ochlocknee, GA- Ethel Davis, 90, is back to work at her family's business, George's IGA Convenience Store in Ochlocknee, just one day after the terrifying encounter.

"We had some customers come in and ask for change, and while she was making change, all she knew next was she was on the floor," explained Travis Davis, Ethel's son and one of the store's owners.

Thomas County Sheriff's Deputies say shortly after 2 p.m. on Wednesday, three young men came into the store, pushed Davis to the ground, grabbed cash from the register and took off.

"I think they took advantage of catching her right there, by herself at that time," said Davis. "I think if it was myself, or my other clerk right there, it probably wouldn't have happened that way."

Deputies caught up with the suspects about an hour after the attack. The juveniles, were ages 12, 15 and 16. All three are charged with robbery by snatching, The 16-year-old is also facing assault charges.

Wanda Segura, is a frequent shopper and IGA and is a family friend of the Davis's. She says Ethel is a very sweet woman who did not deserve this.

"I don't care, juveniles or not, they need punishing for what they've done; not a slap on the wrist," she said.

Davis suffered bruises along her hip and leg. She also had a knot on her head from where she hit the shelf. Still, the Davis family knows it could have been worse.

"Just thankful; real thankful that it wasn't something that we couldn't deal with," said Davis.

Davis said that this is the second time in ten days that their store has been robbed.

Ochlocknee, GA- A 90-year-old store clerk, Ethel Davis was 'roughed up' by three male juveniles Wednesday afternoon.

Thomas County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the scene shortly after 2 pm.

Ethel Davis was working behind the counter at the IGA her son, Travis Davis owns.

Authorities say the juveniles pushed Davis up against a shelf behind the counter. She suffered bruises to her hips and legs and has a large knot on her head.

The suspects were caught an hour after the incident. The three juveniles, ages 12, 15, and 16, have all been charged with robbery by snatching. The 16-year-old is going to face assault charges, as well.

One of the owners, Travis Davis, says it's the second time the IGA has been robbed in 10 days.

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