City of Tallahassee Prepares to Open Blair Stone Extension

The promise was to open the last segment of the Blair Stone Road extension before school started. As soon as the dust settles, the last portion of Blair Stone Road will be opened.

Steve Shafer, construction program engineer for the City of Tallahassee, says, "We're excited to be able to do that. We're going through the most inconvenient part of the project. We've got some road closures. The goal was to get done before the school year started. It looks like we're going to be able to make that."

Come August 13, Blair Stone will be opened, causing changes to Centerville Road as well. Where Blair Stone Road ends, the soon to be altered Centerville Road begins.

Centerville Road as we know it will become one way, going east toward Capital Circle. Also, there are two connector roads, that will be useful in getting to all the businesses in the area.

Donna Legare, co-owner of Native Nursery, says, "I have a positive outlook. I think it’s been very well done. The landscaping is nice, I love the trees."

Businesses located on Centerville Road have expressed concerns that customers won't have the same convenient access.

Donna Legare adds, "Our customers know where we are and will want to come here. I think it may take some pressure off our section of Centerville."

City engineers admit it sounds confusing, but say once drivers get out there it will all make sense and will be well worth the wait.

The city will have a ribbon cutting ceremony August 13 to celebrate the new opening. On the morning of August 28 the public is being invited to another celebration at Governor’s Park.