Bring Your Parent to School

School administrators in the Rose City say their first day went off without a hitch, and with help from parents and the community they say they'll continue to push students to be the best they can be.

Thomasville and Thomas County Central school officials say this year's parental involvement campaigns are all about the children.

Virgil Murray says, "Our kids are very important, they are our future. Matter of fact, they are today's future!"

Administrators say this year, along with more opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in school activities, they want to maintain open communication with students' families.

Pam Lewis says, "When we're talking to parents we want them to prioritize school, and not only prioritize school, but prioritize attendance."

Charlene Hampton adds, "We have dropped from about 47 students missing more than 15 days of school in 2003 to 23 kids last year, so we're going to try to drop that down to a single digit this year."

Administrators say attendance is a main reason many Georgia schools don't make adequate yearly progress. Now, the focus is on getting kids to class by engaging help from parents and guardians.

Diana Cone says, "It's not that we reach one level and we've achieved it. The bar continues to be raised every year and we have to continue to improve every year."

The Thomas County and Thomasville school systems will hold an open meeting for both superintendents, teachers, parents, students and the Department of Family and Children’s Services at the Missionary Baptist Church in Thomasville from 7 to 8 p.m.