Let's Talk it Over

Controversy is brewing in Lake Park, Georgia Tuesday night as the mayor and council are considering major changes to the way the town government does business.

Some are upset that the changes are being made without a public debate. Lake Park government is facing serious changes thanks to the actions of a first term mayor and new council members.

Dan Bremer, a Lake Park councilman, says, "We decided we should look at these things to see if they are in agreement with progress in the area, progress in Lake Park and whether they serve the citizens of Lake Park or not."

But the progress is coming as a surprise to several residents who volunteer on different Lake Park boards, like the zoning appeals board, which could be retired by the council and mayor.

Eric Schindler, a zoning appeals board member, says, "We interpret those laws and we make decisions on those laws, and without that check and balance it doesn't sound like a democracy to me. I don't understand how they think they can make those decisions in an informed way."

The Greater Lowndes Planning Commission doesn't understand the plan either, telling the Lake Park council in this letter, quote, "We are reluctant to recommend this proposed amendment."

Schindler adds, "Their recommendation was to keep it (the zoning appeals board) the way it was. It’s a check and balance that it serves a necessary purpose."

But changes are likely unless the Lake Park public demands otherwise.

There are no firm timetables on the Lake Park council's proposed changes, but officials have already begun the process in several areas.