Small Town, Big Flavor

You won't see much traffic or mini-malls, or even ATMs here, that's not their style. In Sopchoppy you'll find one grocery store, a handful of cafes and you may catch a golf cart wheeling through town.

Robin Oaks grew up in this rural town she still calls home. After a brief stint in the big city she eagerly returned to her roots.

Robin says, “Some of us do things from way back when, like make syrup, even soap, that's a dying breed.”

But that history stays alive through these folks, all 450 of them. For generations they've nestled into their country style homes that scatter across one square mile.

Jackie Lawhon, Sopchoppy City Clerk, says, “There isn't a lot of room. A lot of people have lived here so many years and they don't want to give up family land if they can keep from it.”

Which puts Sopchoppy in the safe zone when it comes to large scale developments for now, and even if there was room to build, would these residents welcome the change?

Helen Ryals says, “Not really! We like it to stay the way we are.”