Tallahassee Residents Take Part in National Night Out

Police are making the request all over the nation and in Tallahassee for the 21st Annual National Night Out.

Police departments all across the country are getting out into their communities and celebrating with the citizens they protect.

"We're coming together and making a statement about crime. We're going to run crime out of our communities,” comments Chief Walt McNeil of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Law enforcement says crime typically goes up during the dark night hours, so then it would stand to reason, crime can be fought with light.

"We're asking citizens to turn on lights, house lights, headlights as a visible way to say we're going to put a spotlight on crime,” McNeil says.

During the event at Tom Brown Park, police taught people about the different emergency teams, how to protect themselves and their property.

"This is a fun activity. I think it's a good idea to do this. It helps keeps kids safe,” says attendee Bianca Aleman.

Police are really pushing the idea of good communication between law enforcement and citizens.

“If we don't watch out for each other, who will? Law enforcement is there for us, but they only know of problems if we call them,” adds Cona resident Travis Potter.

Police say good communication is the key to making sure no one is left in the dark.

Chief McNeil says that while there have been eight murders this year in Tallahassee, there has been a drop in other crimes.