New Jefferson County High School Opens

The new Jefferson County High School is officially open, but in the wake of the school's failing grade this year, parents, students and school officials are beginning the school year with mixed emotions.

A new chapter began Tuesday in Jefferson County with the opening of a new $17 million high school, but aside from the celebration, some of the students who attended the old Jefferson County High, will not be enrolled here.

"Out of those students that had the opportunity to leave Jefferson County on the voucher, 16 students are actually leaving on the voucher system,” comments Supt. Phil Barker.

Jefferson County High recently received an "F" score, so school officials are hoping to start the school year with a new building and a clean slate.

"With the "F" school that we've had here lately, it came to scare everybody, especially parents who've got their kids and want to see them exceed. We're here in Jefferson County on a low totem pole, they had to do something,” explains parent James Thompson.

The new facility is 150,000 square feet and has nine separate buildings. School Supt. Barker says some 325 9th through 12th graders will be moving in.

Shaundala Brown is a senior honor student at Jefferson County High and looks forward to the new year, although many of her fellow classmates have decided not to return.

"What you put into it, is what you get out. Our school maybe an "F" school, but I have a 4.0 average. It's not the fact that the school is an "F," but it's the fact that I tried hard and did what I had to do,” Brown says.

Supt. Barker says school doors in Jefferson County open on Aug. 9. Barker says Jefferson County High will also introduce a new math coach this year!