Preparing for a New School Year

The countdown continues as a new school year approaches in Leon County. During the final hours, principals are laying the groundwork for a smooth school year.

Principals pack a Leon County cafeteria, gearing up for another school year. Everyone from the veteran administrator to the rookie just starting off, and leaders leaving one school bound for another.

"Walking into an ‘A’ school, with a strong parent group with high expectations set for me to continue," says Gilchrist Elementary Principal Scotty Crowe.

The mission behind this annual back to school meeting: setting the bar for the upcoming school year and laying the foundation for continued academic achievement.

Randy Free, Principal at Belle Vue Middle School, says, "We're trying to create a learning environment in our school where kids want to be there and also have change to be successful."

Belle Vue is also setting its sights on bringing up FCAT scores and improving on its "C" grade. Lincoln High, home to Mu Alpha Theta, one of the top three math teams in the nation, is working to continue their tradition of excellence.

While most districts in Florida struggle with staffing squeezes, Leon County is one of the lucky few with a plethora of professionals, so as a new year closes in these principals say they're prepared for the pitter patter of feet.

Class work in Leon County starts Monday, August 16.