Julia Mae's Closes

They call it the south's finest, a waterfront restaurant filled with seafood and memories.

For the Kubicki's, Julia Mae's is what's for dinner, and it has been for more than 20 years.

For years families have made pit stops at Julia Mae's where they find southern hospitality in a down home setting, and what keeps folks coming back for more is the fresh seafood caught right in the backyard.

It's been caught, cleaned and cut into pieces, then it's battered, fried and placed on a platter. The cooks say it's their secret to success, success that's been ripped away without their say.

Tim Baroody, Julia Mae's owner, says, “Julia Mae's will close its doors on August 22nd, but in the process of finding a new site.”

The news has shocked the 35-member team who helped build Julia Mae's world famous reputation. While some are bitter, others are hopeful that Baroody's words will hold true and Julia Mae's won't be thrown away.