Memorial Service Held for Ann Grosmaire

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It turned out to be a heartfelt celebration of her life and testament to the lives she touched.

Friends and family packed the sanctuary at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Tallahassee to remember Ann Grosmaire.

The 19 year old was killed when police say her boyfriend, Conor McBride, shot her in the head.

Grosmaire stayed in the hospital for several days with critical injuries before passing away on Friday, April 2.

Today's service was somber, with piano music and hymnals.

Those who knew Grosmaire say she was a kind person.

Those in attendance said Conor McBride's father actually attended the service and that earlier this week Ann's family visited the jail where he's being held to forgive him.

McBride is charged with second degree murder. And his case has been turned over to the State Attorney's office.

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