Pumped Up?

Shakira Thompson is thrilled that Florida’s legislature voted to cut the gas tax eight cents a gallon this month, but not everybody’s sold.

Craig Crosby is concerned about the nearly $60 million that will come out of the state’s road fund to pay for the tax cut.

“We’ll only see this for this short time, and maybe you’ll get one tank of gas, and maybe it will save us a few bucks,” he says.

Gas retailers may be seeing a little boost to business from the gas tax cut, but even they are wondering if it will be worth it.

With gas prices on the rise again, Jim Smith with the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association asks whether customers will even notice the tax cut. He wonders if taking $60 million out of the state budget really made sense.

“To take money away from roads and then make up that money from other programs, we have a concern. We have kids in school, we have businesses that we run, we have communities that we’re concerned about, so all of those things go into the thinking,” he says.

The governor’s office reluctantly signed on to the gas tax break because the legislature attached it to the popular sales tax holiday. Now, the administration is trying to make the best of it.

Florida’s gas prices are now below the national average for the first time in more than a month.