Gadsden County Experiencing Teacher Shortage

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More than 30 slots are needed to be filled before school starts. The start of school in Gadsden County is less than two weeks away and a number of teaching and non-teaching positions are available for qualified applicants.

"School starts on Aug. 16. They have a shortage of teachers and some administrative positions, and we're just trying to help them fill those positions,” says Bob Bodine, CEO of Workforce Plus.

Worforce Plus officials in Tallahassee are helping to organize an emergency job fair. The theme is "No Teacher Left Behind."

Bodine says it's not unusual for a school district to face a crisis prior to the start of school.

"Either they offered a contract and the person could not accept it. Vacancies come up. Perhaps an illness or a person had to leave town,” Bodine adds.

An official with Gadsden County schools says in terms of salary, Gadsden County is not able to pay as much as Leon County, but optimism is running high within the district, that this year will be a success.

“We're looking for teachers that really want to make a difference in a student's life and this is a wonderful district and great opportunities for them to do what they want to do and teach and bring those students into a whole new world of learning,” explains Misty Cash with Gadsden County schools.

School doors in Gadsden County will open on August 16. The job fair will be held at the Gadsden Arts Center on August 12 beginning at 8 a.m.