Safety in Schools

After a two-year decline, the number of school-related deaths is on the rise. Leon County officials are trying to turn the tide on this trend before the start of another school year.

As far as what Leon County is doing to make sure school is as safe as possible when students return, schools are being visited for safety and security reviews and emergency manuals have been sent to every school.

More than 30,000 kids make up the Leon County school district. Making sure they're safe and secure at school falls on the shoulders of Ron Steverson, the director safety and security for Leon County schools.

School security used to be a narrow field, and the only campus concerns were from mother nature or negligence, but since the September 11th attacks, school security is a twofold situation along with everyday concerns. You must factor in the threat of terrorism.

Bill Montford, Superintendent of Leon County schools, says, "Very well defined plan tailored for each individual site. The beauty is continued two monitor and change as necessary."

They are plans that point principals, pupils and parents in the right directions should an emergency arise.

Leon County is the only district in Florida to have their own chemical /biological and disease manual which covers such subjects as saran gas, anthrax and other hazardous materials. Each school will have their own manual, and in addition during the school year, safety and security bulletins are sent out weekly on important issues facing schools.