Rosey Tourism

Tourism directors in Thomasville say the Rose City's plantations and historic districts are a multi-million dollar boost to the economy. Now, they're working on several new marketing tools to bring in even more visitors.

The historic Rose City attracts hundreds of visitors a week for all different reasons.

Stephanie Dick and Natalie Morrison, visiting from Tallahassee, say, "We came to look at all the shops, all the antique shops and the cute little shops and the community, all the little cafes."

Mike and Debbie Parsons who are visiting from Deland, FL, add, "The architecture, it still has the quaintness, the architecture the paint, everything is detailed as it would be 100 years ago. That's important, we like that."

Statistics show in 2003, visitors spent more than $43 million in Thomasville, making tourism one of the biggest industries in Thomas County. Tourism directors say their goal now is to market Thomasville to an even larger audience.

Don Fabiani of the Thomasville Visitor Bureau says, "We're trying very hard to get motor coaches into Thomasville. When you see one of those tour buses, if they overnight in your town it's going to bring in between $5,000 and $11,000 per bus."

With a brand new tourist guide and a promotional video, tourism directors hope to show Thomasville off for what it really is.

About 590 people are currently employed in various aspects of Thomasville's tourist industry. Tourism officials say that is a very high number for a city of only 20,000.