Worth the Tassel?

The job market over the past two to three years has been soft to say the least. In fact, FSU Career Center director Jeff Garis says back in the 90’s about 200 companies participated in the university's job fair, compared to half of that in 2003.

But with more than 100 already signed up for the September 17 Career Expo, Garis is reluctantly hopeful.

Jobs still experiencing shortages, such as nursing and teaching, are still topping the list of grads grabbed. Regardless, counselors say your best bet is to use the Career Center.

Just a junior, Melissa Campolo is pre-job searching.

Melissa says, “It has lots of books on job/careers and what they'll pay. They give you so much information.”

And good news for Seminoles: the services offered by FSU's Career Center are fully available for alumni up to one year after graduation.