I See You

Valdosta police will soon have a new tool at their disposal in trying to prevent crime in the city's public housing developments.

Linda W. Smith, a Valdosta resident, says, "There's a lot of fights and a lot of drug dealing you know, and different stuff going on, and the police aren't here all the time and when you call, they might be on the other side of town, so they need added security."

The added security will come in the form of video cameras, which will keep a record of what happens in high crime areas.

John Fretti, Valdosta Mayor, says, "Hopefully, this will be a deterrent, first of all. Secondly, it helps us to either keep the crime element down or to assist us in crime investigations."

Valdosta police insist they will be installing a security system, not a monitoring system, to keep an eye on residents. They say this tool will greatly help improve the way they're able to deal with crimes after they are committed.

LT Brian Childress, Valdosta Police Spokesman, says, "If we have some problems there or we get a call for a shooting or stabbing or a theft, anything of that nature, we can go back and play the tape and hopefully develop evidence based off that."

It’s evidence that officials and residents hope can lead to few crimes and more peaceful neighborhoods.