Are Air Fresheners a Fire Hazard?

There's an e-mail going around the country right now that says those Glade Plugin room deodorizers are a fire hazard. The Fire Department says anything that's plugged into an electrical outlet should be treated with care, but regarding this particular e-mail, it’s being called an urban legend.

Making your home smell nice and inviting is what drives the sales of these fragrant products. However, a frightening e-mail going around may have you taking them from the outlets, so before you throw them all out, listen to this.

LT Tim McCown with the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "Last couple of weeks, the Tallahassee Fire Department has received complaints and concerns about air fresheners, the Glades."

Pat Teague with the Tallahassee Fire Department adds, "We understand an urban legend is floating around Tallahassee. Now, we've received e-mails about it."

In the e-mail, it says a family lost their home after a Glade Plugin in the bathroom caught fire and burned the house to the ground.

"We've have gone on to the urban legends web sites and have found this is unsubstantiated. It’s understandable why someone may buy into the idea that this product could pose a problem because when you touch it, you can feel how warm it is. We know Glade did a voluntary recall in 2002. They found in one of the extra outlet Plugins there was a loose wire and they saw potential for a fire hazard, but we know of no problems since then," adds Teague.

SC Johnson released a statement saying, "It is important that you know that all of our Plugins products are safe and will not cause fires. We know this because Plugins products have been sold for more than 15 years and hundreds of millions of the products are being used safely."

Tim McCown adds, "At this time, we have not seen any house fires caused by this product."

The Glade Plugins are not the only product of its kind, but to be sure you are getting a tested and safe product look for the UL on the box, that's a stamp of approval from underwriters’ laboratories.

If you have questions, you can call SC Johnson at 1-800-494-4855.