FSU Summer Commencement

Thousands of Florida State students have turned their tassels and are now the summer graduating class of 2004.

On the floor at the Civic Center sat 1,200 human forms of hard work and endurance, so how do they feel on graduation day?

"Very relieved!”

Watch out world, here they come, but is the job market ready for them? Recent numbers in Florida show there is a high number of jobs, but that most of them give low wages. Not really conducive to paying off college loans, so as these graduates stepped into the real world they took notice of the jobs already out there, like openings for police or teachers.

Chris McMurty, a recent graduate, says, "Are you concerned? Not at all, not at all, they're always hiring, everybody's always hiring, so I'm down for that."

Sherrhonda Sailor, another graduate, said, “I already have a job. I'm gonna be teaching at West Gadsden High School in Greensboro, Florida beginning on Monday and in Gadsden county, so many, so there are positions everywhere."

And of course some will put off the real world and head straight back into school. Justin Duff is planning on furthering his education and says, “I’m fortunate enough to not have to dive right into the job market, a lot of my friends on the other hand are crippled with senioritis, the fear of entering into the real world."

Either way they are here all of them recognize that this moment is not an ending. It's a beginning. Around 2,500 students graduated from FSU this summer.