Alligator Point

The Health Department has issued an advisory against swimming in Franklin County's Alligator Point. High levels of bacteria may pose an increased risk of infectious disease.

There's something lurking in the water this summer at Franklin County, but it's not a shark, it's microscopic bacteria called enterococcus, known to make people sick.

Tests by the Department of Health show poor water quality since July 12, enough to force advisories and warnings. So far, there's no indication where the bacteria are coming from. Some residents tell us they're afraid septic tanks are backing up into the water.

One family heard the warnings just in time. They had planned a beach birthday bash and had to settle for a dip in a nearby pool.

Mike Johnston said, ”It kind of interrupted the swimming aspect from the boating aspect we were going to go fishing but now we're not quite sure."

For this group, fishing is fine, but swimming is off.

Monica Adams, a Tallahassee resident, said, “No, we don't swim here, no fishing is the best thing to do."

Still, there are many others who haven't heard the advisories and found the sun and the waves irresistible.

The Department of Health is hoping everyone avoids the water until it tests clean again.