Campus Housing

In just a couple of weeks Tallahassee will go from quiet to bustling as thousands of college students settle down for the fall semester, but things will actually get started this Saturday as hundreds of freshmen are moving into dormitories.

As usual, the "race for space" is on. Florida State University's on-campus housing provides beds for almost 6,000 students, but the demand is still there.

One would think the new 550 bed dormitory which opened last fall would ease the overload, but FSU is almost back to where they began because Landis Hall, which houses about 400 students, is being renovated this school year.

University housing director Rita Moser says FSU prefers to have freshmen live on campus. She says longitudinal studies show students who live one year on campus do better in school, are happier with their experience and adjust more easily.

Because of this a new dormitory will soon replace these two fraternities.

Rita Moser says, “We're getting ready to hire an architect to house 700 freshmen. The goal is to increase the amount of housing for first-time students.”

Moser says the earlier the better when it comes to requests for student housing. In fact, FSU will begin accepting housing applications this October for next fall.