Jefferson High School: Day One

Summer vacation is officially over for students in Jefferson County as they headed back to school Monday. It's also a new start for area high school students who are entering the halls of a brand new school.

Seniors at Jefferson County High School are getting a lecture in American history, but they're also making history of their own attending a brand new high school.

Rebecca Redmond, a Jefferson High School senior, says, "It's very clean. It's a lot nicer than we've been used to because I spent three years at the other school and it was just, it's going to be hard to get used to it, but I like it."

Sheila Blake, a senior at Jefferson County High School, says, "Everything is bright and shiny, I mean, we have something to be proud off, something to hold our heads about, not like we had before, everything was king of dark, we had to paint over what was old to make it look new and stuff. I like it."

The school's aesthetic appeal may be one of the attractions that are enticing new pupils. In fact, the hallways have been bursting at the seams. School officials say enrollment has increased by 80 kids thus far.

Michael Bryan, Jefferson County High School Principal, says, "I think everybody in the county sees this as a fresh start and a new beginning. I've seen a lot of faces that I thought would go to another, but they've chosen to stay here."

Bryan hopes this fresh start will go a long way as students turn their school's "F" grade into a passing one this school year.

Classes also started in Wakulla and Lowndes Counties Monday. Students in Madison County will head back to school Tuesday morning.