Infant Death

Investigators for the Leon County Sheriff's Office say something happened in a house on Bethel Church Road that resulted in the death of a two-and-half-month-old twin girl.

DET Halligan says, "The autopsy shows severe swelling and bleeding in the brain, but no fracture like we initially thought, and numerous bruises."

Twenty-three-year-old Manning Lott, the baby's father, is now charged with aggravated manslaughter. Investigators say that Lott and Holly Riddle, the mother of the twins, were living in the house along with Riddle’s parents.

DET Halligan adds, "His statement to law enforcement is that he and the girl were playing in the living room. He says he was tossing her up in the air and catching her. At one point he lost control and fell to the ground."

We did speak with the family, but they declined to speak on camera. They do want it to be noted they say this was an accident, completely unintentional. Deputies say they are continuing to investigate and continue to interview other family members.