Thriving on Diving

More than 200 of the nation's best young divers are strutting their stuff, trying to beat the competition and at the same time, earn a spot on the U.S. Junior National Dive Team.

U.S. diving officials say the Moose Moss diving facility in Moultrie is a perfect fit for this event.

Dave Burgering, President of U.S. Diving, says, "It's obvious, it's a great facility. Moose Moss's tradition here is second to none, and there's the southern hospitality. You put those together, you have a great venue for a great event."

There are eight divers from Moultrie competing, including Heather Moore, and she says diving at her home pool is turning out to be a big advantage.

Hannah Moore, a Moultrie resident and diver, says, "It's pretty important to me because it's nice to sleep in my own bed and you know, I'm used to the boards, so it's a pretty big advantage."

Local divers are not the only ones benefiting from playing host to this prestigious event.

Bobby Blank, the diving center president, says, "We did an economic impact study, and with people coming to Moultrie for a week, we estimate that it’s worth about $1 million to the community for the week."

Meaning these young divers are helping make a big splash in the local economy, all while trying to execute the perfect dive.